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3D Printer


Our printer is a Cupcake model of the Makerbot from
  • build volume is 4"x4"x6"
  • is uses ABS plastic to print 3D objects (same plastic used for legos)
  • It has the optional filament spindle kit to hold the plastic spindle during printing


To test the capabilities of the 3D printer the Monkey head primitive from blender will be used. 
Because the printer doesn't have the ability to print support material, objects with complex geometry must typically be split into smaller parts with simpler geometry.  The parts will be held together by glue and support rods (which are printed along with the model).

 Model  Basic monkey head
 Monkey head in two parts
 Monkey head in three parts
 Screen shot
 Printed parts


Start with four legs and work our way down to two.
    • 7/25/2010 - ordered from
    • 7/26/2010 - shipped from
    • 7/29/2010 - building


The printer currently has the following material:
  • 7/25/2010 - 5lb black abs plastic 1lb white abs plastic