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Day 4

posted Aug 5, 2010, 10:24 PM by Jonathan Dowdall

Testing the electronics and ran into the first unhappiness of the makerbot ... looks like the motherboard isn't working.

Trouble shooting

The motherboard didn't power up

  • our supply is the one on the right. Short pins 14 and 17 to get the power supply to start.  Then set the multi-meter to read volts, put the black lead into one of the ground pins, and test each of the voltage level pins (1, 10, 20) .  How to video
  • The power supply look good, so the motherboard has issues 
  • checking the motherboard
    • solder joints
      • all of the joints look good
    • power switch
      • plugged in the power connector to the motherboard and shorted pins 14 and 17 and the motherboard turned on!
After a few email with the nice guys at makerbot they are sending me a new motherboard!!