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Bot in a box

posted Aug 26, 2010, 11:21 PM by Jonathan Dowdall
Got the wine fridge and the Maker Bot fits perfectly in it! 

I made my first mod to the fridge ... which was to add an internal power strip so that the maker bot could be plugged in without running a power cord through the door. 

Luckily it was rather easy and non destructive because the temperature console inside of the fridge had grounded ac power wires running to it.  So I just cut the plug off of an extension cord and spliced in the 3 wires.  There was already a bump-out for the temperature probe so I just piggy-backed the power strip wire along that.  The cooling plate in the back-interior of the fridge can be removed, so I took it off and ran the power strip wire behind that.
(shot is looking up at the ceiling of the fridge)