Post date: Aug 25, 2010 6:15:59 AM

and I'm going to get this wine cooler ($200) to house the 3D printer to keep it from getting super dusty ( and also to help it integrate a little better with my decore)

(left) the model in blender (right) photo of the actual board

The product images in the sparkfun.com website are really helpful for making 3D models and texturing them because they include a ruler in the top down views.

Also ordered a smoke absorber ($50) for the 3D printer (because the melting plastic smells soooo good)

Ordered some Arduino boards and several different kinds of servos to start evaluating what the best electronics will be for the project.

Also modeled the Arduino board in Blender for use in model development

It has nice insulated walls, a glass door, climate control, and an integrated interior light. The wine racks are also removable so it fits the printer + plastic nicely.