Operating Instructions

The user interface for Prodos consists of the OLED screen and the button panel on the left side of the body:

When the robot is first powered on it will go through a short introduction screen which gives the version of the code. After the introduction screen is finished the interface will be in the main menu.

Main Menu

The main menu contains three options:

Walk : Make the robot start walking.

Servos : Move individual servos

Information : Display information about Prodos

Top Button : select previous menu item

Bottom Button : select next menu item

Right Button : open currently selected menu item

Left Button : go back to previous menu

Walk Screen

This screen displays the servo positions (desired), current frame number, loop number, and animation delay.

Left Button : go back to the main menu.

Servo Screen

The servo screen allows each of the 8 servos to be individually selected and manipulated. This is useful for calibrating individual servos (adjust the offsets in the menu.cpp file)

Up Button : next Servo

Down Button : previous Servo

Right Button : manipulation Selected Servo

Left Button : go back to the main menu

Servo Manipulation Screen

Information Screen

The servo screen allows individually manipulation of the selected servo. The name of the selected servo is displayed on the second line of the display. The servo can be moved in range from 0 to 180 ... however keep in mind that these servos are very weak (sorry guys) and the upper and middle servos won't be able to lift the weight of the leg in all positions.

Up Button : increase servo rotational position

Down Button : decrease servo rotational position

Left Button : go back to the servo selection menu

This screen displays some info about Prodos. It allows the user to scroll through a large image that contains information. The blue arrow in the bottom right of the screen pointing down indicates that there is more content that can scrolled to by pressing the down button. The slider bar on the right side of the screen shows the current viewing position in the large image.

Up Button : scroll up

Down Button : scroll down

Left Button : go back to the main menu