Mini ROFI Model

Post date: Nov 28, 2012 1:59:10 AM

Made a 1/3 scale model of ROFI. It has all of the same parts as ROFI, but the electronics and servos are all printed (i.e. the robot isn't going to be moving by itself without a lot of imagination ;-). I originally created it because I just got a Replicator 2 and wanted to see what the new printer was capable of. After the model was printed and sitting on my desk two things occurred to me : 1. Working at 1/3 scale would be really useful for prototyping future robots. 2. Because it was so fast and cheap (3 hours to print and $2 in parts) it might be a good "gateway drug" to get more people to try building robots. After all, I never really thought I could build robots until I downloaded the parts and built a modified Z stage for my Cupcake printer.