A prototype application allowed FOBO to be controlled by a human operator using a Kinect and the Motion Control application provided on this page. The Motion Control application runs on a computer (Windows only for now, sorry guys) and tracks a person's movements using a Kinect depth camera.

The application displays 3 separate images:

left : visible video from the kinect web camera

middle : depth camera with the user drawn in red

right : skeletal tracking with the range of motion for each leg

has 4 phases of operation :

1. User gets into position

2. User establishes range of motion for each leg

3. User walks in place to control FOBO

4. Stop controlling FOBO

Each phase also changes the color bar above the video displays on the application's GUI (visible on the video). The user moves to the next phase by raising their left hand above their head. During the walking phase there is a progress bar above the videos that tracks the progress of each walk cycle based on the position of the legs of the user.

The video shows FOBO walking from left to right. Behind FOBO is a monitor with a kinect on top. The monitor is displaying the user interface for the application that is controlling FOBO. The user is standing about 10 feet in front of the kinect.