Prodos is a self contained bipedal robot that was designed to demonstrate how to coordinate simple limb chain actuation using a microcontroller. It has 8 DOF (degrees of freedom) and can perform a simple walking action. The servos used were selected for economy and aren't powerful enough to bear the robot's own weight, so Prodos must be externally supported while it is actuating. Prodos was designed to be easily made by anyone with a low cost 3D printer and an interest in learning about robotics. Before building the robot look at the design review for analysis and recommendations. Check out the FAQ if you have any questions.


*excludes shipping costs


    • Self contained robot with actuated legs

    • Parts can be fabricated on a low cost home 3D printer

    • Servos actuation controlled by microcontroller

    • Can perform a walking action (although not under its own weight)



3D printed parts (diagrams showing where each part goes)

Manifest (spreadsheet of every part including source and cost)

Tools (everything needed to build Prodos)


Building Prodos (step by step animated instructions)

Programming Prodos (put the code on the bot)

Operating Prodos (making it move)


Model Files

Prodos model (blender file)

Prodos walking animation (blender file)

Prodos parts for 3D printing (zipped stl files)

Software Files

Prodos control code (arduino pde file & c++ library file)