Can FOBO walk?

Yes, FOBO can walk autonomously in a straight line under its own power. With a full change on the battery FOBO can walk for about 1.5 hours.

The site says that everything is freely available, but there is a price listed for FOBO ... what gives?

The price listed for FOBO is for the parts that need to be purchased from other venders (not project biped). Project biped is not affiliated with any of these venders and doesn't make any money from any of these sites. The venders listed in the parts manifest were the ones used to source the original parts for the prototype.

What skills do I need to be able to build FOBO?

The goal was to design FOBO and create the instructions such that anyone with a desire to learn about robots could build one. That means no special skills are required coming into the project. However several things are handy to have working knowledge of, such as soldering, 3D printing, programming, and electronics. But don't worry if you don't have a these skills, the level of knowledge for each of these is pretty minimal and references are provided in the assembly instructions.

How do I get all of the parts to build FOBO?

The manifest spread sheet contains a list of all of the non-printed parts that need to be purchased to build FOBO along with links to the web sites that I bought them from. The manifest is arranged by vender to make ordering easier. If you don't have a 3D printer to make the plastic parts yourself, there are several online services, such as Shapeways, that will print them for you if you upload the model files.

Do you sell a kit that comes with all of the parts for FOBO?

This is under consideration. If you're interested in a kit send an email to jonathan@projectbiped.com.

Why is the robot named FOBO?

The prototype is named "FOBO" because it is the FOurth roBOt.