FOBO Poser is an application that lets you create new action sequences for FOBO. Actions are composed of a sequence of poses. Individual poses are created by adjusting each of FOBO's servos using slider bars on the user interface. FOBO Poser allows actions sequences to be saved to file, loaded from file, exported to an Arduino code file, or played back in real-time.

Set up

To use the FOBO Poser application you first need to install the remote control program on FOBO itself. The remote control program is an Arduino program that listens to USB connection and moves FOBO's servo motors.

Create new FOBO action tutorial

FOBO Poser Application User Interface Overview


The FOBO Poser application was written in C# using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for the user interface. The included solution was created using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The Express version of Visual Studio 2010 is available for free.


FOBO Poser (zipped exe, Windows 32 bit version)

FOBO Poser source ( C#, WPF, Visual Studio 10 solution)

Arduino Code