Building Instructions

Step 1 : Prepare the servos

Step 2 : Make the legs

ROFI servo calibration
ROFI legs

Step 3 : Make the body

ROFI body

Step 4 : Calibrate the robot

Doc with step by step instructions for the calibration:

calibration instructions (Google doc)

The Robot Poser application for calibration and new action creation.

For details on how to measure the -45, 0, and 45 degree offsets for the calibration look at the blender animation:

calibration instruction animations (Blender file)

Open the file in blender (6.2 or newer) and use the right and left arrow keys to move through the animation frames. You might need to move the view a bit to see whats going on ( the camera hasn't been animated yet), but everything is there (470 frames of animation). Basically you need a piece of printer paper and a level to do the calibration. The animation will be turned into a series of 47 animations 10 frames each and put on a presentation (this is how the assembly are made presentations).