Step 7: Make the proto-board

Step 7


The proto-board houses all of the connectors for the servos, display panel, and the button panel. The proto-board mounts onto the Arduino board with its header pins (see step 8). The RAW pin on the proto-board is removed to allow the connection to be routed through the power switch. The servos are all powered off of the RAW pin (the unregulated input voltage from the adapter), and the button panel and OLED display are both powered of the regulated +5v from the Arduino. Before beginning the assembly steps in the presentation, assemble the proto-board using the parts and instructions that came with the board.


proto-board x1

1K ohm resistor x 1

polarized 5 pin header x 1

polarized 3 pin header x 1


safety glasses

wire cutters

soldering iron

allen wrench

solder smoke scrubber

work gloves