Robot Poser



Target :


Desktop Application


Windows 7 and newer

Desktop / laptop computer

Windows Binary (source soon):

beta robot poser release

version 2.1


Software License:

Description :

Allows new action sequences and servo calibrations to be created for ROFI. The application controls the robot via a USB cable from the Arduino Mega to a laptop or desktop computer. The folder containing the application also has 3 actions (walk, static walk, and turn right) so you can get the robot moving once it is calibrated.

Dependencies :

  • Requires that the Computer Remote Control application is loaded on the Arduino Mega board.

  • Requires that the Arduino Mega board is connected via USB cable to the Archos 28.

Installation (not necessary for just running the application) :

  1. Setup the Desktop development environment on your computer.

  2. Download the source folder for this application.

  3. Open Visual Studio on your computer.

  4. Open the work space for the application.

  5. Build the application (F5).

Updates :

Version 2.1 (1-1-2013)