Computer Remote Control



Target :


Arduino Program


Arduino 1.0.1

Arduino Mega 2560

Source Code:


version 1.0


Description :

This program allows the Arduino Mega board to be remotely controlled by a computer over the built in USB port. The computer sends the Arduino Mega board a position for each servo, and the Arduino Mega board sends back the current range reading from the ultrasonic range sensor. This is currently only used by the Robot Poser application.

Setup :

Setup ROFI as follows:

  • Use a USB A to B cable to connect ROFI to the computer (don't use the servo shield)

  • Plug in a power adapter to ROFI to power the servos (no greater than 12v and at least 1.5 Amps)

  • Flip on the servo power switch on the side of ROFI (otherwise no power will go to the servos)

Installation :

  1. Setup the Arduino development environment on your computer.

  2. Download the source file for this program.

  3. Open the Arduino development environment application on your computer.

  4. Open the source for this program ( from the main menu : File/Open...).

  5. Setup ROFI as detailed above.