Android Setup

This is to program the Android tablet. Android programs are written on a computer (not the tablet) in the Java programming language and use the Android SDK. Programs are then uploaded to the tablet via a USB cable. The programs are developed using the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE).

  1. Download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). We used version 6u25 for development.

  2. Download the Eclipse IDE for Java Development. We used version 4.2.1 for development.

    1. Note that there isn't an installer ... just unzip and copy the Eclipse folder into C:\Program Files\

  3. Install the Android SDK plug-in for Eclipse.

    1. After Eclipse restarts and you get the "Welcome to Android Development" dialog, select the install Android 2.2 option.

  1. Download the USB driver for the Archos 28 (this is the Android tablet that ROFI uses).

  2. Add the Archos 28 to the list of supported ADB devices.

    1. For Windows users, open a command prompt and type the following : echo 0x0e79 >> "%USERPROFILE%\.android\adb_usb.ini" then press enter.

    2. For other operating systems follow the instructions here.

  1. Install the USB driver for the Archos 28 on your computer.

    1. You can verify that the device was properly installed by opening a terminal and typing the following :

      1. %USERPROFILE%\android-sdks\platform-tools\adb devices

    2. you should see something like A28-0A060001-9ED80000-015D94F3-???????? if your device was installed properly.

  1. You should now be able to upload any of the Anrdoid programs for ROFI to the Archos 28 tablet.