The first Prodos leg next to Gimpy and a quarter for reference.

Two Prodos legs joined together with a quarter for reference.

Prodos with the Arduino board installed. Note that this was the first design of the body box where the struts were printed as part of the bottom panel ... which proved to be a bad idea because they snapped off very easily.

Prodos in its first incarnation without any wiring. The reprogramming button was added later (in the back panel) and the button panel design was changed.

Who wants the wizard to give him a brain? Prodos with the servos wired up and arduino awaiting some code.

The TREX pose. He looks so happy...

Testing the OLED display and key pad interface.

The brain box stuffed with all the goodies ... note the top panel didn't finish printing properly (but still worked fine).

Prodos on the hanger with the first version of the "top hat" dock. The hanger is an old desk lamp modified to provide power and allow Prodos to dangle above the ground so it can do its walking bit.

The final version of Prodos next to Gimpy.

Exploded PRODOS